Experience the heart-pounding excitement of the Running of the Bulls and explore the rich history and culture of Pamplona. Plan your adventure and immerse yourself in the vibrant festivities of this iconic Spanish city.
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Home to great wine, amazing culture and said to be one of Spain's greenest areas, Pamplona is much more than a city known for its bull runs at San Fermin | 15 Best Things To Do In Pamplona, Spain | Travel Tips For Europe, Pamplona, Spain | Travel Information, Travel Tips, Travel Guides, Food Tips, Food Inspiration

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I’m always up for exploring new places. Especially in countries that I’ve traveled to over and over again. So when the Spain tourism board asked me to be apart of a campaign that would explore lesser known cities, I jumped at the opportunity. And that’s how I ended up exploring Pamplona, Spain. So if you’re looking to head to one of the Spain Cities that people don’t know about, you should definitely think about spending 48 hours in Pamplona. 48 Hours In Pamplona Pamplona is most known for…

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