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Inostrancevia lived during the Late Permian period and was the largest of the gorgonopsid species. Inostrancevia's most striking feature was its long, saber-tooth-like canines. It had a total body length of around 3.5 m, a weight of 300 kg and a huge skull, which measured up to 60 cm in length. Inastroncevia was likely at the top of the food chain in Late Permian Russia, preying on the large herbivorous creatures it shared the land with.

Paul Stamler IV
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Here are the concept I did for our second chapter of dinotopia for Lord of the print The sculptors and me are huge dino nerds so it's always a pleasure to go back to dinos ! The sculptors did a tremendous job under my supervision, I was a bit disapointed to not find the time to sculpt a dino myself but I'm really proud of this release. Hope you will like it !

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Felt like making a lovely, peaceful scene of a zookeeper cuddling with a large dinosaur so I turned it into fanart of the tycoon game 'Prehistoric Kingdom'. Here, a keeper is spending time with the Allosaurs she takes care of in the park. She's raised them from hatchlings and they treat her as their own. Inspired by some keepers who are able to be affectionate with predators like lions and komodos. Obviously this would be highly dangerous and unlikely in reality, but its a fantasy I'm sure…

Trina McKee