Paint cookies

Get inspired to create unique and delicious painted cookies with these creative and colorful ideas. Turn your cookies into edible works of art that will impress everyone at your next gathering.
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Our new pastel lifestyle and fitness collections have us feeling inspired in the sweetest way! In honor of this fun launch, we teamed up with Jennifer of Sweet Marie's to teach us how to watercolor paint cookies. Yes, that's a thing! Jennifer's creative eye takes our purple and pink hues and brings them to life in an i

Alana Katzner
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Today I'm talking about the PYO Cookie. Are you wondering what is a PYO Cookie? Don't feel bad, for quite awhile I didn't know what that meant, so I'm here to tell you and you'll never be left in the dark again. PYO means Paint Your Own Cookie! Yes, it's like a coloring page, only on a cookie and you can eat the page. They've been around for awhile and it took me a longer while to create them. Now I'm thinking, what have I been waiting for? PYO Cookie! Yes, it's a cookie you can paint on…

Makaily Stahl