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Add a personal touch to your handmade creations with these creative and unique packaging ideas. Discover how to make your products stand out and impress your customers.
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DIY Packaging for Your Handmade Business

If you’re looking to get packaging supplies and ideas for your handmade products without spending a fortune on them, stick around! Today I'm going to be giving you four hacks on how to save money on your packaging materials. If you're selling your products online, then a big part of your business is actually getting your items to your customer. That means you need to have shipping boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and all kinds of things so that your item can get there safely in one piece. It can be…

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Amuse the Muse - Jewellery Packaging and Bead Storage with Rebecca of Songbead

Hello all! It's the last Muse of February - how did that happen?! And so I have a few more storage and packaging ideas to share with you today. Enjoy! First of all, a really awesome tutorial from Leah over at Beady Eyed Bunny, on one way to transform your packaging. How gorgeous is this? Leah talks you through its creation. Remember the printer's cabinet from last week? Here's one in action in Lorelei Eurto's studio! Beautiful or what? And here is not only a beautiful, stream-lined craft…

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How to Make Custom Ribbon

Easy & affordable custom packaging.Ready for packaging project #2 of 9? Let’s make custom ribbon!My mission: to create beautiful packaging ideas to inspire you in your creative business, and to send off your products in a way that will make your brand shine bright & really wow your clients.Let’s dive in…

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Etsy Packaging

Etsy packaging is an important part of your branding. Plus, isn't it nice to get a pretty package in the mail? I've been selling crochet items in my Etsy Shop for a few years now. I've always wrapped my things with kraft paper and tied string around them. I finished it off with a cute custom thank you sticker. I got to thinking I might want to try something different. I was looking into buying kraft paper bags instead. I ended up not getting any because the smallest batch I could find was a…

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