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ArtStation - Tigress/Harimau - Overwatch Fan Hero Concept (Take 2), Mackenzi Ko Character Design, Sci Fi Character Design, Overwatch Hero Concepts, Game Character Design, Cyberpunk Character, Character Design References, Game Character, Character Design Inspiration, Overwatch Fan Art

After posting my Harimau concept 2 years back... I wanted to take another stab at the same character, but addressing a lot of the things that were bothering me. One major aspect was how I had very little to no knowledge when it came to firearms. Well, 2 years and a firearms safety training later... I had a much better understanding of how they work, and how they are assembled. My original design used the AK-47 as the base, and I thought I'd put an Overwatch spin on the AK series, calling it…

Master Ricky
Y/n is a boy possessing powers like ice and fire, He's a teenager try… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Character Art, Fan Art, Character Design, Female Character Design, Female Characters, Character, Character Design Inspiration, Game Character Design, Fantasy

Y/n is a boy possessing powers like ice and fire, He's a teenager trying to make the whole wrongs into rights, he decided to not use his powers against others when an incident occurred but then he gets recruited into Overwatch they say he can use his powers for good can he? (The uses of his powers will be explained) My first work so remember English is not my native language so point out any errors. Let's go! GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!! Ah shit wrong one... *I DO NOT OWN OVERWATCH OR ANY OF THE…

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It's been months since Blizzard revealed the original Overwatch characters roster. The name Recluse was there, but not that much hype surrounded the beautiful spider lady. Also she was excluded from being a future playable character, so I decided to create a true concept inspired by the original art Blizzard released and make this crazy hero real. All rights goes to Blizzard and to it's awesome character designers that originally came up wih this character. If you are interested in knowing…

Barry ekong
ArtStation - D.va pilot skin concept - FANART, Olga Khariton Character Art, Fantasy Characters, Fan, Character Design, Fan Art, Manga, Female Character Design, Female Characters, Character Design Inspiration

Done as collab with my fellow teammates: Aleksey Bayura (unsurpassed POTG-Maker) and his Genji skin https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rrLnm Vladimir Krisetskiy (Graviton-Master) and his Zarya skin https://www.artstation.com/artwork/E58WK Hope to finish MEKA design for this skin one day :3