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Explore a wide range of organic valley products that are perfect for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Find delicious and nutritious options to incorporate into your daily routine.
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Premium, ultra-pasteurized organic milk produced from cows fed a 100% grass diet that never includes grains such as soy or corn. The cows graze organically grown pastures, producing milk rich in naturally occurring omega-3, CLAs, and calcium. The unique taste, nutritional profile and deliciously creamy texture of 100% grass-fed milk is a result of where the cows live and what they eat – lush organic pastures.

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Organic Valley Cottage Cheese is light, fresh-tasting and an excellent addition to your breakfast table. Try it with a slice of melon, between slices of French Toast or any time you need a good source of protein in the morning. Each serving of Organic Valley Cottage Cheese comes with 14 grams of pasture-raised protein.