Nyc dessert

Indulge in the best desserts that NYC has to offer. From classic favorites to unique creations, explore the top dessert spots in the city and satisfy your sweet tooth.
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Looking for the most delicious and Instagram worthy desserts in NYC? Don’t worry, I’m here to satiate your sweet tooth. Anyone out there got a huge sweet tooth? raises hand I never say no to a tasty treat, whether it’s ice cream, cake, cookies…just gimme all of it. What’s even better when it’s Instagram worthy …

Andrea Knoy
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(pin this for later!) I'm a professional NYC tourist. Seriously. I've got the business cards and everything. JK!! But I did live in New York City (Bushwick, specifically) for 6 months while I was interning for INSIDER! Since I'm nowhere near local status, I figured I would share my tips from an extended visitor standpoint. NYC

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