Nice guys quotes

Inspiring and empowering quotes for nice guys who believe in kindness and self-respect. Discover how to embrace your true self and build healthy relationships with these motivational quotes.
Journal de la Reyna: Social Media And Dating: A Love Story! Best Friends, Sayings, Cheating, Relationship, Past Relationships, A Good Man, Ass, Fall For You, Dear

I am guessing I'm going to be single for a while. I am not upset about it. I am actually happy. I am happy that a great burden was lifted from me. I had to get rid of the problems that plagued me for the last few months. I have grown more resentful towards people. I am going to be really honest with you. I am not as easy going as I used to be. I am reclusive and remote. I don't often like big groups and I am putting on an act of "being nice" when dealing with people I seldom tolerate. I…

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