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If one day you woke up and realized that every other person on planet Earth had vanished, what would you do? Panic? Try to find the meaning of life? Join the rest? Or have the biggest party known to now non-existent man, celebrating the fact that you’ll never run into another extrovert again?

Alejandra Benero
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You definitely don’t have to be a comedic genius to use social media. Plenty of us simply want to share cute photos of our pets and the elaborate dinners we’re proud of preparing. But if you want to rack up over 3 million followers on Facebook, you better be famous or hilarious.

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There is no place like the internet. Especially if you are more on the introverted side. Since the beginning of time, extroverts have been put on a pedestal for being more social, outgoing, and better at life. But a lot has changed since the use of the internet boomed. Online friendships, communities, and even shopping are the new normal. The internet has provided a safe space for introverts to express themselves and connect with others without having face-to-face interactions.

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