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Explore the incredible talent of Native American actors who are making a mark in Hollywood. Discover their powerful performances and diverse contributions to the film industry.
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Raven Mocker: The Cherokee Night Goer (On Hold ) - The Players

Revenge is a dish best served four centuries cold, the ancient Native American curse, the Raven Mockers resurfaces on the eve of their god's return and begin strategically murdering their way through a small, southern town. Only a damaged, half-breed, white witch and her two siblings stand as our champions in the complicated war with a race of beings bent on the total annihilation or assimilation of humanity... Descendants of an ancient Cherokee and Afro-American bloodline must undertake a…

Shelly Stacey-Byrd
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The Truth About Yellowstone's Casting Controversy - Looper

The strong Native American presence on Yellowstone has led to a large number of roles for native actors, something that is unfortunately rare in TV and film today. However, a controversy has erupted over the casting of one of the native parts, showing that inclusion isn't always cut and dried.

Candy Alleyne