Music manipulatives

Enhance your music education with interactive and hands-on music manipulatives. Explore top ideas to engage students and make learning music fun and memorable.
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Lego Beats Music Manipulatives - Let's Play Music

Lego is such a brilliant toy! Teachers often use it to teach maths and so it’s also an excellent way to teach rhythm and notation with these lego beats music manipulatives. How To Use Lego Music Manipulatives Younger children find the chunky ‘Duplo’ easier to manage so it’s best to start off […]

Laura Robelen
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Dollar Store Deals for Music Teachers

Like most teachers I am such a fan of dollar stores. I can shop there to organize my classroom, create new workstations and add a little flair to my bulletin boards. I'd like to share with you just a few of my favorite finds! Flyswatters My kids are always a little in awe when they see my collection of flyswatters. (This pictures shows most of my collection.) I sometimes use them as pointers when projecting things on my white board, but most often these are used for Swat the Staff or Swat…

Staci Stokes Waites
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Beat Strips

Double blog post today, because that's the kind of day I'm having, lol!! I made two batches of muffins for my kids (blueberry and chocolate), bought two new outfits, so things are coming in twos!! This is an idea that I got from two of my friends who teach in my district (Jenna O. & Cathy K.). These are beat strips and are great for rhythmic dictation and notation. They were a little time consuming to make, but I hope to give you some tips to make it go faster and easier! Here's the general…

Elena Giménez