Mr midnight

Get ready to be thrilled by the suspenseful and eerie stories of Mr. Midnight. Dive into a world of mystery and darkness with these captivating tales that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Mr. Midnight is Fran's closest companion and pet. He is lost to Fran at the beginning of the... Art, Tattoos, Fan Art, Horror, Cute Funny Animals, Little Misfortune, Mr Midnight, Gatos, Creepy

Mr. Midnight is Fran Bow Dagenhart’s closest companion and pet cat whom she lost at the beginning of the game, but she finds him in Chapter 2. As he follows Fran, he can be used as an adviser for puzzles. Fran Bow Dagenhart received Mr. Midnight as a present from Martin Bow and Lucia Dagenhart (Fran's parents) sometime before their murders occur. Though in the prelude it seems to happen over just a week (Fran getting Mr. Midnight, Aunt Grace visiting, Aunt Grace watching her on Friday and…

Cynthia White