Movie theater butter recipe

Make your movie night extra special with this mouthwatering movie theater butter recipe. Learn how to recreate the classic movie theater taste at home and enjoy the perfect buttery popcorn.
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Ever wonder what makes “movie theater” popcorn taste so good? If you’re wondering if a special ingredient is used…you are right. The Super Bowl is right around the corner. I want to share this concoction with you in case you are planning to host friends and family at your home and want to surprise them… Continue reading →

Jessica Zelenski
Yellow Homemade Movie Popcorn in a popcorn bucket

Recipe video above. It's buttery and yellow, just like the buckets you buy at the movie theatre Candy Bar! The yellow colour is optional, the butter is not. Bonus: The popcorn stays crisp for several days, thanks to the clarified butter (aka ghee). If you skip making the Popcorn Butter, see notes for recipe amendments.

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What makes movie theater popcorn so darn good? We'll tell you! It's because they use a butter-flavored oil, so it doesn't get soggy. But you can get the same effect by using clarified butter on that popcorn. If you're staying home more now because of the pandemic, you don't have to miss out. Here's...