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Learn how to increase the speed of your motor with these expert tips. Discover the best practices and techniques to optimize your motor's performance and achieve higher speeds.
How to Make a DC Motor Speed Controller : 5 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables Design, Voltage Regulator, Motor Speed, Electronics Board, Mechanical Engineering, Speed, Control, Electronics Projects, Motors

How to Make a DC Motor Speed Controller : Previously I made a DC motor Speed Controller, the design was good but it could be used with only 12 V motors.Soon I needed to control 24 V motors, so I had to come up with a design I can use for the work. I saw it would be easy to use a 7812 with t…

Ivan Robinson
Stepper Motor Speed and Direction Control Without a Microcontroller : 6 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables Control, Microcontrollers, Gadgets And Gizmos, Electronics Projects, Directions, Electronics Projects Diy, Home Automation, Timer, Hobby Electronics

Stepper Motor Speed and Direction Control Without a Microcontroller: In one of my previous Instructables, I showed you how to control a stepper motor's speed using a 555 timer. This project is an upgrade of that one and you will get to know how to control the motor's direction using another 555 timer IC. So, without …

IR Decoder for Multi-Speed AC Motor Control Fan, Design, Electronic Circuit, Electronic Circuit Design, Motor Speed, Ac Fan Motor, Control, Receiver, Infrared

In this article, we build a digital controller that allows users to control functions such as motor speed and operating time. This article also includes an infrared receiver circuit that supports the NEC protocol, where a motor may be controlled from push buttons or a signal received by an infrared transmitter.

1000W AC Motor Speed Controller

This triac based AC motor speed controller circuit is designed for controlling the speed of AC motors like drill machines, fans, vacuums, etc. The speed of the motor can be controlled by changing the setting of R1 potentiometer. The setting of R1 determines the phase of the trigger pulse that fires the triac. The circuit incorporates a self stabilizing technique that maintains the speed of the motor even when it is loaded.

Wojtek Łuczkowski