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Discover fun and innovative ways to make your own money jars and start saving for your financial goals. Get inspired with these DIY money jar ideas and take control of your finances today.
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Teaching kids to save their money can be hard. Heck convincing myself I need to save money seems nearly impossible sometimes. That's why I decided to try something new with my kids this year. This year we will be saving money 1¢ at a time. Here's how this works. First you will need a jar.

Alexandria Adams
Guessing how many coins in a jar in the Internet age. Money Jars Diy, Disney Money Jar, Money Saving Jar, Saving Coins, Coin Jar, Saving Challenges, Change Jar, Indian House Plans, Savings Jar

A few weeks ago, I asked the internet to guess how many coins were in a huge jar (below). For more than 27 years, my parents had saved their spare change. My mother recently trucked the whole load to a bank to cash in, and in so doing finally learned the stockpile’s actual value, or at […]

Cassandra Guy
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Learning how to budget your money is such an important life skill. If you learn how to make a budget when you are a kid, the habit is likely to last into your adult years! We will setup an awesome chore / responsibility chart tomorrow. Make sure to join our Facebook group and to follow […]

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