Molecular food

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Ingredients: High temperature cooking oil (I use refined organic coconut) 10g (about 1 heaping tbsp) All purpose flour 5g (about 1 heaping tsp) sugar 70g water 20g beet juice or other liquid to add color (beet juice adds color but not much flavor) Alcohol Drink Recipes, Food Styling, Alcohol, Coral, Garnishing Ideas, Garnishing, Craft Cocktails, Drink Garnishing, Mixology

A while back I posted a cocktail featuring a bright red coral tuile cookie garnish, and since then I’ve had a ton of people reach out and ask what the garnish was and how I made it. After much trial and error and practicing my technique, I’ve finally finished this tutorial on these tricky cookies and I think I’ve solved the mystery to making perfectly cooked coral tuiles every time.