Moccasin patterns

Discover unique and stylish moccasin patterns for your DIY shoe making projects. Get inspired and create your own custom moccasins with these top ideas.
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This full size pattern is for making Woodlands style moccasins in men's sizes from 9 through 13. Complete instructions are included for making moccasins with fur trim. Included is a book list for further inspiration. You will need leather (moose, deer or elk hide is best), finely woven wool fabric such as Melton cloth, artificial sinew, a leather needle, polar fleece for the lining with matching sewing thread. This listing is for a digital pattern only, not a printed copy. You will need…

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Daniel Boone moccasin boots are made of one piece of leather sown together with natural or artificial sinew. Materials include soft-tanned deer, elk or buffalo hide. Leather of 3-4 oz. weight, medium thickness, is recommended for soft-soled moccasins. Rawhide is used on the bottom of hard-soled moccasins.

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