Mixed media techniques

Explore a variety of innovative mixed media techniques to enhance your art projects. Learn how to combine different materials and create unique textures for stunning visual effects.
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Hello my dear friends :) Today it's gonna be a little special. Why ? I am gonna talk as usual about projects, videos etc but... I will also talk about you guys, yes YOU ! But before that... let me just share with you the yummy textures created in All about Texture video :) I had to capture those textured cards before I turn them into coloured art pages! Only now, when I look at them all together I see why you enjoyed this video so much. I do feel inspired already only by looking at them :)…

Sophie du Fontbaré
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If you are looking to personalize your art journal projects, creating mixed media tissue paper is a fun way to get unique colors and textures. Creating mixed media tissue paper is easy and only requires a few materials. In this tutorial I will share with you three different techniques for getting a variety of different

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