Military marriage

Discover essential tips and advice to build a strong and happy military marriage. From communication strategies to navigating deployments, find the support you need for a successful relationship.
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Military marriage can be tough. Any marriage can be tough. But it's also possible to foster an amazing relationship despite the deployments and separations. I asked a group of fantastic military spouses who all have marriages of varying lengths for their #1 piece of advice for having a strong, resilient marriage. Here's what they said:

Devin Hess
There are some things in life we never forget. Some are silly and some are serious. I remember when the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl. I remember I cried during E.T. – Not once, but thirteen times. I remember the smell of my Dad’s suits, the size of his hands, and the call from … Strong Marriage, Marriage Advice, Family Relationships, Relationship Advice, Marriage And Family, Married Life, Dear Future Husband, Good Wife, Marriage Tips

It's easy to forget important things in our lives. With all of our modern day abilities to capture moments, cementing digital memories and sharing them with the world, we can still wander into forgetfulness. Forgetfulness happens in life, but it also happens in love. If we’re not careful, a marriage can drift apart, not because of unfaithfulness, but because of forgetfulness. Husbands, remember to honor your wife. That is what she really needs.

Bonnie Jones
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If I’d know better, I would’ve stayed home until I got the “official” phone call. My husband was finally coming home from deployment after months away on ship. 36 weeks pregnant (with a soon to be 10 lb baby) with a very energetic toddler in the peak of an oppressively hot summer, and I was so ready for my husband to hurry up and get home.

Jenny Pfannstiel