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Check out this handbook for wartime citizens, which describes and illustrates the insignias and graphics used by the various divisions of the armed forces. Posters, United States Symbols, Military Ranks, United States Army, Military Insignia, Military Medals, Military History, Us Army Patches, United States

Front cover of “United States Service Symbols” (1942) I’m a big fan of little esoteric books. I’ve grabbed them up since starting to roam through resale shops and used bookstores in Jr. High School. They could often be had for a song, and it wasn’t until the 1980s that these cultural oddities began to command a higher price. I’ll be doing a future post that collects a variety of these titles together, but for now I’m presenting the vintage military design of “United States Se

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World War II may have been necessary, but, like all wars, the horrors outweighed the fruits of victory. There was, however, what might be called an unintended consequence, as there are in most wars. World War II gave rise to new technologies, for instance. It also brought forth the talents of many designers. Charles and Ray Eames are prime examples of designers who used their wartime ingenuity, their case for molding plywood for splints into making lounge chairs. The war also

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