Megaman series

Dive into the action-packed universe of the Megaman series and discover its iconic characters, thrilling gameplay, and epic boss battles. Join the adventure and conquer evil with Megaman and his powerful abilities.
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Dark MegaMan.EXE, known as Dark Rockman.EXE (ダークロックマン.EXE, Dāku Rokkuman Eguze) in Japan, is a dark version of MegaMan.EXE created from the Dark Power of Dark Chips. He initially appears in Mega Man Battle Network 4 as MegaMan DS (Dark Soul (ダークソウル, Dāku Souru)), known as Rockman DS (ロックマンDS(ダークソウル), Rokkuman Dāku Souru) in Japan, where he was extracted from MegaMan by various characters. MegaMan himself was forcefully transformed into Dark MegaMan in Battle Network 5 when Nebula directly…

Jeremy Montero