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Help your kids master fractions with these fun and engaging math worksheets. Practice various fraction concepts and improve math skills with these printable worksheets.
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Fractions – Coloring Fraction Worksheets Color the Fraction Worksheet 1 - Download Color the Fraction Worksheet 2 - Download Color the Fraction Worksheet 3 - Download Color the Fraction Worksheet 4 - Download Fractions – Coloring Fraction Fraction Addition Fraction C...

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In math, equivalent fractions can be defined as fractions with different numerators and denominators that represent the same value or proportion of the whole. We have prepared a worksheet for equivalent fractions. It contains two pages and they includes more than 50+ questions. You can download the PDF below Download : Equivalent Fractions

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Expressions that show the equal parts of a whole and can be written as a/b are called fractions. While showing fractions, a fraction line is drawn in the middle, the numerator above the line and the denominator below it. The denominator shows how many equal parts a whole is divided into, and the or shows how many of these parts have been taken or scanned. Whole: Objects that are not divided, fragmented, or removed are whole. For example, a whole apple is known as a whole. Likewise, a whole…

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