Mall of America

Explore the top stores at Mall of America and discover the best shopping experience. Find everything you need from fashion, electronics, beauty, and more at this iconic shopping destination.
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Where To Eat In Mall Of America

Sit back, start your drool engine and get ready to feel hunger pains, because the Mall of America is filled with dozens of restaurants that will get your tastebuds racing. But how do you choose where to eat? We’ve tried these highly recommended eateries and will give you all the info you need to choose your (dining) adventure in America’s largest mall.

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Mall of America - A Family Dining Guide to the Top 13 Foods That You Can't Miss

There are 100 places to eat at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota! Your family is going to never be able to decide on where to eat! This family dining guide will point you in the right direction to the most fun, flavorful, family friendly and delicious food at the Mall of America.

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Mall of America Attractions and Things to Do at Mall of America Besides Shopping

There are plenty of things to do in Mall of America, so you can return day after day for all your entertainment and activity needs. Plus, that is excellent news if you are traveling with others who do not love shopping as much as you do!

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Top 10 tips for shopping at the Mall of America

For over ten years now, my cousins and I have been making a yearly overnight trip to the Mall of America in Minnesota. Because we have such a great time together, we've upped it to twice a year, and it still retains that giddy excitement every time. We've found some amazing deals and also have had a few regrets. Let's face it, the place is crazy huge and when you're with friends, the time passes WAY too quickly. To help out anyone that's thinking about making the trip, I've narrowed down my…

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