Magnolia bush shrubs

Enhance your garden with the beauty of magnolia bush shrubs. Discover top ideas to incorporate these stunning plants into your outdoor space and create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.
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The magnolia trees you see at Sugar Water Manor are simply magnificent. These large shady trees have broad, waxy, shade-producing leaves and in early summer produce the most fragrant platter-size blossoms. They evoke the beauty of the South, especially around historic homes and gardens like those on our property. These trees are easy to care for, disease-resistant, non-poisonous to dogs and other animals and they are super versatile, growing well in nearly all climates and soil.Driving on to…

Shawna White

One of my favorite Spring-flowering trees is Magnolia Jane. It’s easy to grow, reliably hardy even through tough Winters, and puts on quite a show almost year-round. Here’s why you absolutely need at least one Magnolia Jane in your garden. We purchased three small Magnolia Jane shrubs years ago. Of course this was before I...Read More

Lauren Ross