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It's true I don't like dogs much, but their owners can be worse. I have gotten yelled at by dog owners walking their dogs on school grounds for making sure my child stays by my side instead of runs in front of the unleashed and unknown dog.

Enjoying a walk through the park with my husband and children the other week, it felt good to be out with my family in the fresh air. That was until an unleashed dog decided to bound over and gatecrash the outing. Such was this hairy beast's enthusiasm to join our party, he hurtled at my four children like a bowling ball into a line of skittles, and in the process nearly knocked my three-yea-old off her feet

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If you're looking for a new puppy for your family or children, you may want to avoid certain breeds that have the potential to be aggressive, mean, and potentially dangerous. This article discusses the 10 dog breeds thought to be the most aggressive based on their results in temperament tests.

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Pets are surely adorable, but sometimes they just have no gods or masters. They are kings and queens of the house and that means they can do whatever they want, including practicing their natural instincts such as scratching, digging, tearing, chewing, or marking their territory on your most cherished possessions. No matter how mad you might initially be at your little monster, no object can replace your loyal friend, so you just have to accept that this is what pets do, forgive, and train…

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