Macrame chandelier diy tutorial

Learn how to make a beautiful macrame chandelier with this step-by-step DIY tutorial. Add a touch of boho chic to your space and impress your guests with your handmade creation.
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A few motifs for this lampshade chandelier: the shapes that I think are elegant in this lampshade are the flower of life and infinity shapes. The flower of life shape can be achieved by a closely woven together double half hitch. It looks like circles layered over each other. The infinity shape comes from a double josephine knot. DIY Macrame Hanging Chandelier Materials white cotton rope blue cotton rope gold hoop gold chain – I used a planter hanging chain DIY Macrame Hanging Chandelier…

Sherry Gosschalk
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Macramé Mondays... Could become a thing right? For this project I've decided to do a DIY macramé chandelier inspired by one I came across in a local coffee shop. You'll need to refer to our Macramé Knotting Guide, where we give you a breakdown of all the basic knots used in this project. Enjoy!

Liz Novak