Living room rug size guide sectional

Enhance the comfort and style of your living room sectional with the perfect rug size. Discover our comprehensive guide to find the ideal rug dimensions for your space and create a cozy atmosphere.
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How do you know what size rug to purchase? Well, from my perspective as a seasoned interior designers, it is second nature, but I’ve seen people struggle and pick the weirdest sized rugs so I think it’s time for this post! But DUDE, a rug can seriously tie a room together ;) Rugs can come in all

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Learn the must-know rules on how to place an area rug in the Living room, Dining room, Bedroom and Kitchen! See our rug placement tips!

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A rug can pull a room together, adding texture and warmth while balancing patterns and colours. The sheer immensity of choice means that there is a perfect rug for every room, but while tastes and trends may change there are certain rules of thumb that will always apply when it comes to choosing the perfect rug for y

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