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Explore the mesmerizing world of lithography art and learn about its techniques, history, and renowned artists. Find inspiration for your own artistic journey with these top lithography art ideas.
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Lithography is the art of printing from stone. The process was invented by Alois Senefelder in 1796, and the fundemental principles that he established have remained unchanged. By writing or drawing with a greasy ink on a specially prepared slab of limestone, the grease is absorbed by the stone and the image thus formed has an affinity for printing ink, while the remaining parts of the stone repel the ink as long as the surface is kept moist with water. Lithographic presses are cylinder…

Samanta Faiad
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Lithography: to write w/ stone Lithographic Landscapes Art Focus: Mark-making & Texture Questions: How do I utilize drawing characteristics to create texture in landscape? A video about Lithography (planography): As we have learned, relief prints are created from a raised surface; Planography however, is the printing of a flat surface. Lithography is the art of printing from a flat stone (limestone) or plate by a method based on the…

Pauline Schmitt
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I’m trying to do kitchen litho at home. It’s very exciting process.. #lithography #printmaking #print #art #artist #process #contemporary #studio #paint...

Bryna Lovig