Liquid soap making

Discover the art of making your own liquid soap at home. Learn step-by-step instructions, essential ingredients, and create your own natural soaps for a healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle.
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For quite a while I have been wanting to try my hand at making liquid soap. Although there are many resources and YouTube videos that demonstrate how to make liquid soap from scratch I decided to try the version from The Everything Soapmaking Book by Alicia Grosso. The recipe is a hot process soap utilizing […]Continue Reading

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What do you with all those tiny hotel soap bars? Aside from using them in your travel kit, you can turn them into homemade liquid hand soap. Liquid soap is way cheaper and less messy than a bar of soap. Here's a simple step by step guide from @byjillee. You just need a few additional

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My family goes through a lot of soap. We particularly go through a lot of castile soap, which makes sense because we use it in practically everything! We use castile soap for our body wash, hand soap, dish soap, shaving, scrubbing, and probably a lot more! I used to buy liquid soap by the jugful but then I wondered, can you make your own liquid soap? I used to pay about $30 for 64 oz of Dr. Bronners or Dr. Woods. Now looking at those numbers, I guess you could say that it doesn’t seem very…

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