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Say goodbye to unwanted lip hair with these effective methods. Achieve smooth, hair-free lips and boost your confidence with these easy-to-follow tips.
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A 22-year-old woman has had 17 lip injections in an attempt to get the biggest lips in the world, but she’s not done yet. Andrea Ivanova, from Bulgaria, began her transformation last year and underwent a whopping 15 hyaluronic acid lip injections before September this year. She has since had two more procedures, enlarging her …

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I'm busy writing a magazine article about the best ways to care for skin during winter, and in the meantime, I've given my own skin care routine a nice seasonal boost. One step I've added is more regularly exfoliating my lips before bed and then applying balm, so that my lip color doesn't get caught in chappy patches during the day. And the best tool I've found for doing this isn't a fancy lip scrub (though those are always fun), a washcloth, or the oft-recommended baby toothbrush (misses…

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Countless women face excessive and unwanted facial hair. Unwanted facial hair may appear on the cheeks, forehead, upper lip, or chin. As a result, women […] Read More

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