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Discover powerful life coach quotes that will inspire and empower you to reach your full potential. Get motivated to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals with these insightful and uplifting quotes.
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So what does a life coach do, anyway? What does that mean? How is coaching different from therapy? Isn’t that the same as mentoring? How is consulting different? These are all questions that I hear pretty regularly, especially when I first tell people I’m a coach...

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My ultimate goal as a career and personal coach is to help my clients transform the way they participate in their lives, so that they can create more joy, gratitude, and purpose for themselves. I coach for transformation because I believe in the grounding principles of positive psychology. I believe in the scientific research that […]

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The power of attraction doesn't just make things manifest in your life, it's also defined by what your zodiac sign is drawn to do and able to do naturally. Look to astrology to determine why there are some things you're naturally drawn to do.

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A friend of mine recently asked me to explain coaching- why would someone hire a coach? Is this like doing yoga once a week? What’s the point? Is it really worth the investment? If you’re curious, read on to learn more about what professional coaching is, as well as several research-supported