Leg workout notes

Enhance your leg workouts with these effective notes and achieve your fitness goals. Get expert tips and advice to optimize your leg training routine.
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Week of Workouts (May 2017) - Peanut Butter Fingers

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday to ya! If the middle of the week has you feeling a little bleh and you’re on the lookout for some new workouts to try to motivate you at the gym, I hope today’s blog post will catch your eye! I’m recapping a week of workouts as part of my Weekly... Read More »

Sarah Liller
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Things I'm Loving Friday #231 - Peanut Butter Fingers

Hey friends! Another Friday is upon us. How was your week? Ours ended on a good note as we celebrated Ryder’s second birthday (see more below) and I’m thinking the fun will continue through the weekend as we celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday. Are you guys doing anything exciting? The boys are already up for... Read More »

Catheryn Guerrero