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Discover inspiring talks on the Holy Ghost for LDS baptism. Learn how the Holy Ghost can guide and bless your life as you embark on this sacred journey.
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We’ve all heard countless lessons, talks, and conference addresses on the importance of the Holy Ghost in our lives, and we can easily reel off a list of the amazing ways He can bless us. But there are aspects of the Holy Ghost that are commonly overlooked or forgotten, and it is important to understand all the resources and gifts available to us through Him so that we can go through life obtaining the most peace and happiness possible.

Christine Hill
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I have a college degree in educating children with special needs which supposes that I have some skills to teach small people. However, very quickly into my student teaching it was clear that I'm more comfortable, talented, and happy teaching teenagers than grade school kids. The amount of high-pitched praise I was dishing out to little kids on the daily gave me a headache, but the awkwardness of pre-teens and teens kept me entertained throughout the day. Understanding this, it's not a…

Ana Gladys Eslava
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Update May 2015: Hello Friends! Thanks for visiting my blog and your interest in this Holy Ghost talk. I've had this talk up for almost 5 years and it's still my most visited blog post- thanks! I've been offering the pdf for free, which was fine when I got 2-3 email requests a week, but lately it's been like 80 requests a week and I can barely keep up! To help make up for my time, I'm going to start selling the pdf file for $1.50. Feel free to use my idea or make your own traffic light, but…

Jody Facer