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Explore creative design ideas that will help you add depth and dimension to your spaces with layers. Discover how to create visual interest and bring your designs to life.
Interior page from the 2017 Culture issue - Gail Bichler Ideas, Graphic Design, Design, Graphic Design Trends, Graphic, Design Trends, Culture, Trends, Predictions

Gail Bichler's tenure at the New York Times has seen her through a number of roles; from designer, to art director, to her current post as the Design Director of the New York Times Magazine. Here, she reflects on the creative path that led her there, including her early beginnings in fine art, and choosing what she loved to do, even if that was a job. She shares why working in a team is far more satisfying to her than working as a team of one, and the importance of taking risks in concept…

Véronique Morin