Laser eye surgery

Discover how laser eye surgery can improve your vision and free you from the hassle of glasses or contacts. Explore the benefits and find a trusted provider near you.
“…going to be very rare cases of individuals who may have difficulty that can be attributed to the surgery, but I think that’s true of any kind of procedure." Health, Health Tips, Medical Information, Surgery Center, Procedure, Laser Vision Correction, Surgery, Eye Sight Improvement, Eye Doctor

LASIK eye surgery procedures were designed to improve eyesight, some doctors are alarmed at how many patients report vision impairment post surgery, and one former FDA advisor who voted to approve laser eye surgery now views the procedure very differently. LASIK is a minimally invasive surgery that aims to correct vision within minutes by using lasers rather than blades to make incisions that can reshape a small portion of the cornea; and since being approved by the FDA over 20 years ago an…