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Explore interesting language facts and expand your knowledge about the diverse world of languages. Discover how languages evolve, influence cultures, and shape our communication.
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I absolutely adore the English language with all of its ups and downs, twists and turns, astounding hyperboles and alliterative inclinations. And let's not forget the puns! However, it's no secret that the language can be a tad… discombobulating for new students, anyone who's learning English as a second language, and native speakers alike.

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Understanding the Culture of a Company, Part 1: Surface Culture - LaConte Consulting

A company’s culture goes far beyond what we see on the outside. In this article, I’ll be examining what culture is, how it matters in achieving goals, and which aspects we can see on the “surface.” Here’s an example. You walk into Grocery Store A, where you see a colorful display of fruits and vegetables.

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Online Spanish Classes - We're Finally Learning a Second Language! - Goats On The Road

“You’ve travelled the world for 5 years, you must speak at least two languages, right?” “You guys lived in China, you must be able to speak quite a bit of Mandarin.” “You’re from Canada, so you obviously speak French and English.” People often assume that just because we’ve travelled a lot and lived in a ... Read more

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