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Delve into the legendary story of Lancelot and Merlin, two iconic figures from Arthurian legends. Explore their fascinating roles, heroic exploits, and the intriguing relationship between the legendary knight and the wise wizard.
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This article is about the deceased knight, Lancelot, for the episode he is introduced in, see: Lancelot, and for the Shade version of the character, see Lancelot (Shade). Sir Lancelot was a Knight of the Round Table. He was one of the first to discover Merlin's magic and was known to be in love with Gwen. Many (including Arthur Pendragon) regarded him as the noblest of Camelot's Knights, especially after sacrificing himself on the Isle of the Blessed. Little is known about Lancelot's early…

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House Pendragon was an legendary royal and noble house of the North, … #random Random #amreading #books #wattpad Lancelot Merlin, Merlin Cast, Arthurian Legend, 얼굴 드로잉, Merlin And Arthur, Poses References, Anatomy Reference, Story Inspiration, Photo Reference

Game Of Thrones : Legend of The Pendragon - Cast 2

House Pendragon was an legendary royal and noble house of the North, known for their mythical connection to the dragons long ago. Throughout the years, it's said by Camelot's famed advisor, Merlin that the Pendragons descend from the dragons themselves, having the dragon blood run their their veins. According to Merlin, Arthur Pendragon is destined to become the King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men in the future. Competing with her sister Morgana Pendragon, destined as Queen of…

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