Knuckle duster

Enhance your style with these stylish and edgy knuckle duster designs. Discover the perfect accessory to add a bold and confident touch to your outfit.
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"King of the Knuckle Dusters" Knuckle Duster - A solid Aluminium knuckle duster made to commemorate 1000 subscribers on YouTube, it is a Traditional Style Brass Knuckle, but without the hole under the finger holes, and is similar to a boxer style Knuckle duster as well. The size for this one is Medium / Large, and will not really be suitable for small hands. Features Oval finger holes that are not quite uniform, making this more comfortable to hold one way but not so much the other. It also…

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Knuckle Duster with Spikes - Standard design spiked knuckle duster. This knuckle duster is copied from the standard knuckle duster design that hundreds of knuckle dusters are based on, its a very basic design, made to fit most hand sizes, the only difference being that most others have round cone type spikes were as this one has pyramid type spikes. The size for this Knuckle Duster is medium to large hands, and features oval finger holes and a curved palm rest . Weight is average due its…

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