Knitting needle case pattern how to make

Discover a variety of creative knitting needle case patterns and learn how to make your own. Organize and protect your knitting needles with style and convenience.
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Making the Knitting Needle Case, version 2022, video tutorial. — Tinnberry Patterns

In this blog post you can find two videos that show how I make my small size Knitting Needle Case. The pattern is updated with two extra flaps, modified panel interfacing to reduce the bulk and a better way of applying a bias binding.

Jiin Yoon
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Grammy's Knitting Organizer

Christmas gift-making activities are in full swing over here! This week, I made a knitting needle organizer for my mother-in-law. I’m sad to say that I don’t own a single knitting needle to display in it. (I hope you’ll forgive my display of markers in the organizer instead.) My organizer ended up with a total of 24 pockets ranging from 1″ to about 4″-wide; you can certainly customize the pocket quantity/sizes as you see fit. The tallest slots should be able to store up to 14″ needles. Oh…

Ruth Dobson