Kitten rescue

Learn how to rescue and care for kittens with these helpful tips and tricks. Find out the best practices for providing a safe and loving environment for rescued kittens.
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A 4-week-old kitten was saved by a dog who found him alone without a mother. A kind woman took him into her foster home and the kitty couldn't stop the love. Meet Prince Puddin'! Tania @tania_b07It was April, 2017 when little Prince Puddin' was brought into the Toronto Humane Societ...

Woman Rescues Kitten and Watches Him Transform, the Kitten Ends Up Changing Her Life - Love Meow Dog Cat, Dogs, Foster Cat, Grey Kitten, Feral Cats, Foster Kittens, Kitten Rescue, Cute Cats And Dogs, Cats

A woman rescued a kitten and watched him transform. The kitten ended up changing her life. Fievel the kittenEmilie @emiliexfostersEmilie, an animal rescuer and foster carer based in Milwaukee, WI, never expected that a tiny preemie kitten would change her life.Four...

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