Kentucky derby birthday party

Plan a memorable Kentucky Derby birthday party with these creative ideas. From themed decorations to fun activities, discover how to throw a celebration that will make everyone feel like they're at the races.
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Mount your horse and gallop in at full speed, this Kentucky Derby Inspired 1st Birthday Party, is packed with ideas, you're sure to need! Styled by Angela DiVincenti of Angela Marie Events, out of Louisiana; this darling celebration is an event to remember! So don your hats and look your best, these included details, out way the rest: Adorable Kentucky Derby Birthday Cake Gorgeous White Barn Venue Winner Ribbon Decorations White-lettered Wood Signage Beautiful Green Garlands + Wreaths…

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This Kentucky Derby inspired birthday party was such a dream. I had the best time celebrating my two little boys, Leo and Fox for their birthdays. Their birthdays are only eleven months aparts so we thought it would be fun...Read More