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Aruto Hiden (飛電 或人, Hiden Aruto) is the main protagonist of Kamen Rider Zero-One. He is a former comedian and the current CEO of Hiden Intelligence who transforms into Kamen Rider Zero-One (仮面ライダーゼロワン, Kamen Raidā Zerowan). Aruto Hiden was born on May 1, 1997 as the son of Soreo and Yoshino Hiden. When he was three months old, his parents passed away in an accident, leading to his grandfather Korenosuke Hiden to build a Humagear resembling his father in place of his parents for emotional…

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Concept Art dari form dari para Kamen Rider di seri Kamen Rider Zero-One! KAMEN RIDER ZERO-ONE Rising Hopper Flying Falcon Shooting Wolf Biting Shark Punching Kong Flaming Tiger Rushing Cheetah Freezing Bear Sparking Giraffe Amazing Herculles Breaking Mammoth Sting Scorpion Lighting Hornet Gatling Hedgehog Exciting Stag Crushing Buffalo Trapping Spider Shining Hopper Storming Penguin Splashing Whale Shining Assault Hopper Hopping Kangaroo Zero Zero One Amazing Caucasus Metal Cluster Hopper…

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