Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural heritage of Kamakura. Discover the top attractions, temples, and hidden gems in this beautiful Japanese city.
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Key Kamakura Facts https://pixta.jp Kamakura (鎌倉) is a small city located in the southern part of Kanagawa Prefecture, to the south of both Tokyo and Yokohama. It's quite small when compared to either of its two major metropolitan neighbors, with a population of approximately 172,000, there was a time when Kamakura was considered the political center of the nation.

Kamakura Day Trip: Strolling along Kamakura's Beaches & Exploring Nearby Temples! | LIVE JAPAN travel guide

Kamakura is an ancient, scenic town south of Tokyo. It’s just a 1-hour train ride away from the Japanese capital and thus a popular and well-beloved day trip destination for Tokyoites and tourists alike. In ancient times, Kamakura was once the capital of Japan itself and much of the old, distinguished atmosphere is still strongly palpable, offering an authentic glimpse into the country’s rich history and culture. From Kamakura Station runs a special little train called the Enoshima Electric…

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