Johnson tsang

Explore the mesmerizing world of Johnson Tsang's sculptures and be amazed by his unique artistic vision. Discover the intricate details and emotional depth that make his works truly extraordinary.
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Sculptor Johnson Tsang (previously) continues to push realism’s boundaries in his sculptures of faces that are stretched and opened up in surreal ways. In his latest series, Open Mind, Tsang incorporates hand gestures and metaphorical materials like growing leaves and rippling water to convey a sense of open-mindedness in his sculptures. The artist shares with Colossal that he has always been creative, but due to an impoverished upbringing and poor grades in school, he initially focused on…

Victoria Livingston
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Faces inflated, squashed, stretched, opened and flopped to showcase different expressions. In today's post I have brought together two of Johnson Tsang projects: the "Open Mind Series" and the "Lucid Dream series", where Tsang uses ceramics and porcelain to sculpt these realistic faces. The only places we usually see these images, are in cartoons or movies with CGI. Tsang adds a plasticity effect to his realistic sculptures, that almost makes it look like these could be real faces starring…

Jon Newsom