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Explore the beautiful and captivating paintings created by the talented artist John William Godward. Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty and elegance of his artwork.
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Damn, Girl-Sappho, and her Immortal Daughters

The mysterious Sappho of Lesbos is one of the most influential poets in history. Her poems--what she called her "Immortal Daughters-- not only influenced the poets of her day but inspired the Romantic and Victorian writers of the nineteenth century. Plato so respected her that he called her "the Tenth Muse," putting her on par with the nine daughters of Zeus. Fresco of a woman generally believed to be Sappho. This may not be an accurate likeness, as it was painted about a century after her…

Alesa DelSignore
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The Signal by John William Godward | USEUM

The woman's brightly colored antique dress, not authentic but suggestive of antiquity, contrasts sharply with the smooth marble balustrade supporting her, whose open stonework was based on ancient models. While setting and costume allude to the ancient past, this painting's theme is timeless: waiting to hear from a loved one. The seascape in the background, the young woman's gesture, and her diaphanous gown, slightly rippling like a flag, all suggest an awaited signal from her beloved…

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