John merrick

Discover the inspiring story of John Merrick, a man who overcame unimaginable challenges to achieve greatness. Learn about his journey from tragedy to triumph and be inspired to overcome your own obstacles.
DAVID BOWIE WOWS BROADWAY AS ‘THE ELEPHANT MAN’ 1980 Films, People, David Bowie, The Thin White Duke, Rock Legends, The Man, Broadway, Rock And Roll, Jones

The stage director Jack Hofsiss called David Bowie up one day to ask him if he wanted to take over the lead as Joseph Merrick in a production of The Elephant Man. The actor who was playing Merrick, Philip Anglim, was quitting the role and Hofsiss needed a replacement immediately. Bowie had 24-hours to make-up his mind. Bowie had spent the past year on a world tour and recording a new album Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) when Hofsiss called. While many would have wilted at the thought of…

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