Japanese back tattoo

Make a bold statement with an intriguing Japanese back tattoo. Explore unique designs that capture the essence of Japanese culture and showcase your individuality.
What Is Irezumi? — The Meaning Behind Japanese Tattoos 29 Tattoos, Irezumi Tattoos, Yakuza Tattoo, Samurai Artwork, Samurai Art, Japanese Tattoo Art, Japanese Artwork, Japanese Tattoo Designs, Japanese Art Styles

Although everyone seems to know of them, not much is known about the Yakuza's greatest connection, Tattoos. Nowadays, the general public has become more accepting of tattoos, in general. Gone are the days when tattooed people were shunned by society, but apparently, Japan hasn’t gotten the memo yet. What is Irezumi you ask? The common term for Japanese tattoo art is irezumi (入れ墨), meaning to insert ink. This refers to the Japanese tattooing tradition of inserting ink beneath the skin to form…

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