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Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Irish folk music and dance. Explore top ideas to experience the lively rhythms and heartfelt melodies that will transport you to the Emerald Isle.
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There are many lessons to be learned from Celtic mythology. Here are some of the most important, along with a look at the protagonists of each story. We all need a bit of an escape sometimes, and I’ve always found a sense of solace in curling up with a book of fairy tales in a

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Singer-songwriter Lori Holland’s 1960 album Irish Folk Songs for Women is her effort to compile Irish songs of emotional and experiential significance for female performers. The result, a 14-track album of Holland’s gentle alto accompanied by guitar, includes ballads revealing the feminine …

Betsy Packard
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An Irish Cottage 11x14" watercolor on paper An Irish Cottage zoom A white stone cottage set against dark rolling hills. Sheep mowing down the lawn and resting in the tall slanted grass. I think there might be rain in the forecast. The family who lives here isn't too worried about rain, though. In fact, they've come to really love storms. The boy and the girl sit and watch the clouds roll over the dark hills through their bedroom windows until the shadow covers the little cottage. The baby…

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