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Together with selected artisans, Giopato&Coombes look for the best manufacture technicque for every single project. They work hard to make functions look beautiful and make beauty become functional in order to intertwine the two together, a kind of love affair that goes beyond this modernist cliché. Innovation is the goal when searching for new forms and new functions, and is the jump between better or different. Giopato & Coombes search for excellence. This devotion can be seen in every…

Stephanie Siladi
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When it comes to symmetrical furniture and thoughtful earth tones, Solange Knowles understands how to work both into a living space. And after listening to any of her albums, it’s unsurprising that her home looks as calming as it does.Seen in Apartamento Magazine’s fall 2022 issue, fans of the singer-songwriter (and of interior design in general) were swooning over Knowles’ Hollywood home, especially its unique Black artwork and Japanese soaking tub.

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