Indigo quilt

Add a touch of elegance to your bedroom with a stunning indigo quilt. Explore top ideas to create a cozy and inviting ambiance in your sleeping space.
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I came across this lovely indigo exhibit and it really was inspiring! Quilting in Japan has always been so completely perfect and over the top, which I appreciate, but I'm not necessarily inspired by it- thee was something different about these quilts. If you haven't heard of many Japanese quilters, let me introduce you to the indigo work of Shizuko Kurohah. This was one of my favorites. It was so unusual and unique. She had to have designed it on paper ahead of time to make this amazing…

Gulzhan Japanese
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OK, lots more photos to get through! And possibly a slightly more random selection than yesterday, starting with a brick wall! Not sure that I'd want a brick wall on my bed, but a very simple yet effective quilt nonetheless! Moving on to just a detail from another piece of work... A beautiful butterfly A collection of 4 mini quilts, all showing the same scene over the four different seasons. Sorry, bit blurry here! And another mini quilt... Here's a selection of quilts by Jane Hopkins, who…

Barbara Hunter